Nicola looking out to sea at Ullapool harbour

I first encountered the Alexander Technique when I started taking lessons to help with a long-term chronic back injury (18 years).

I was amazed by how easily my symptoms eased when I stopped engaging muscles to protect myself.

Discovering that the work overlapped with psychology, physiology and art inspired me to train as a teacher.

The Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) training course was simply the best thing I’ve done, ever. It was deeply challenging, deeply rewarding and incredibly good fun.

I feel that the work of FM Alexander is incredibly powerful and unique

I strongly believe it should be as available to as many people as possible.

It helped me to change my life and recover from the pain of a chronic injury.  I went from being in pain 80% of the time to being pain free 80% of the time.

The Alexander Technique was instrumental but it is not medical treatment.

The Alexander Technique was able to help me when some pain or lack of mobility was being caused by the way I was doing something, or by what I was doing.

I was creating a lot of my symptoms and the Alexander Technique lessons and training helped me stop doing so and that gave me back my life.

I very strongly believe that the chiropractic treatment I had after experiencing the Alexander Technique could be effective because I had stopped a lot of the compensatory movements and responses I was making (which included responding to treatments).

My credentials

I am publicly insured, CNHC registered and a member of the ITM Teacher’s Association. I must re-certify, take regular CPD and work to a strict code of conduct.

The Interactive Teaching Method approach to the teaching of the work of FM Alexander is a 4-year training course which includes:

  • 12 months studying the works of FM Alexander from his 4 books
  • 6 months studying the anatomy and physiology needed to teach the Alexander Technique
  • 6 months studying the skills required to become a teacher
  • 12 months studying the specialised hands manipulation techniques
  • 12 months learning how to design lessons and lesson interactions

My other interests

Prior to my Alexander Technique training I trained in Psychology, German and Human Computer Interaction (I have a Bachelor’s degree in German and Psychology (combined) and an MSc in Electronic Publishing). I’ve been designing websites and web applications to be user-friendly for over 10 years and I still work with business owners in this area.

I am also very keen on contemporary dance, I dance and have taken part in a number of interesting performances. I have a fondness for painting, art, craft and design. I love the outdoors and I study a martial art.