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The Alexander Technique is not a quick fix

In a first lesson I like to have plenty of time so the student and I can have a chance to see if we will be comfortable working together.

We start off with a chat where I find out what has brought them to the session. Then I introduce some basic ideas and fundamental concepts in the form of a short talk. We’ll work with these in all future lessons. Next we do a hands-on demonstration lesson where the student gets to experience the lesson processes.

Recently, in a first lesson with a new student I was asked if I could skip the introductory talk and get directly to the bit where I tell them specifically and directly what to correct about their chosen activity.

I couldn’t do that.

‘Oh, that sounds like mindfulness’

Recently during conversations around the question ‘What is the Alexander Technique?’ a number of people have said ‘Oh, that sounds like mindfulness’.

What is the Alexander Technique like?

Early on in my teacher training a family member was trying very hard to understand what I was studying. We had a conversation that went something like this.

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